Learn About Medi-Span
Through its Medi-Span line of solutions,
Wolters Kluwer is a leading provider of prescription drug
information for thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide
for more than 40 years. Medi-Span data integrates seamlessly into
your application, supporting patient safety, streamlining and unifying
system-wide communications, claims processing, and helping to
meet various compliance regulations.
DISCLAIMER: The Wolters Kluwer Command Center Solution is intended to provide a way to tailor alert settings provided to end users of the Medi-Span Clinical solution to make them more relevant and useful alerts in a particular clinical setting. The user controls provided through the Command Center Solution are intended to limit the types of alerts displayed by the Medi-Span Clinical so clinicians are not distracted or desensitized by unnecessary alerts. User controls can limit a wide variety of alerts available in the Medi-Span Clinical solution, that may include, but are not limited to interactions, precautions, therapeutic duplication, and dosing. CDI is not in a position to decide or provide advice about whether implementation of user controls is safe or appropriate in any particular clinical setting, how user controls should be implemented or what alerts should be provided or not provided to end users. End users must be notified about the nature and scope of any alerts that have been limited if user controls are implemented. Software developers, their licensees and end users must work together to determine whether and how user controls should be implemented. CDI customers or their licensees are solely responsible for determining whether, and to what extent, user controls are implemented or available for use in a particular clinical setting. CDI cannot monitor how any customer or customer licensee uses user control functionality. CDI expressly disclaims any liability for any claim by a customer, customer licensee, end user or third-party (including an individual patient treated by an end user) arising from the implementation or use of user control functionality. Ultimately, individual clinician end users are solely responsible for providing appropriate care and warnings to individual patients.
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